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Super efficient tap water purification for homes and businesses alike.

Love Pure Water searched the world for the world’s absolute best water purifiers when it comes to removing contaminants, delivering high capacity, removing the need for a ‘holding’ tank and being environment friendly.

We found the answer to our dreams in Sweden where a company called Bluewater had developed a second-generation reverse osmosis technology that not only ticked all our boxes but also had a great looking compact design. Bluewater’s Spirit and Pro range models are now our hero products. See the range of water purification systems below.


Bluewater Spirit

Powerful yet compact, the versatile Bluewater Spirit will fit naturally into any kitchen environment. Sited under the kitchen sink, the Spirit delivers 3 litres of direct flow pure water every minute, 24/7 all year round.

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Bluewater Pro

The most powerful compact water purifier we’ve discovered, the Bluewater Pro delivers a staggering 5.7 litres of water per minute making it ideal for professional environments such as restaurants, hotels or care homes. The Pro will also remove limescale from water to make it ideal for dishwashing, pressing and cooking. Pro can also be used for steam generation and cold fog applications (like humidification in cheese factories, for example). Plus, ice made with Bluewater Pro or Spirit water is crystal clear.

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Bluewater Cleone

It works as great as it looks. A high-performing classic, the Bluewater Cleone takes ease of water purification to the next level. With its tried and tested chlorine and other contaminant removing heritage, the Bluewater Cleone may be small in size, but it is big on delivering cleaner, healthier water from a kitchen tap.

Harnessing the power of reverse osmosis, the Cleone fits snugly under a kitchen sink to deliver pristine water for drinking or washing vegetables and fruits. Replacing filters and membranes every six months or so is straightforward and simple. In Italy, the Cleone is called ‘the tank’ because it never breaks down, working 24/7 all year round to deliver purer, fresher drinking water.

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Bluewater – Innovated with love in Sweden


Performance – visit the bluewatergroup.com website
www.bluewatergroup.com/products/compare/ to compare their range of water purifiers.

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