David Noble, Bluewater, Interviews David Tyler, Artemis Racing at Red Bull Youth America’s Cup

Jun 23, 2017, 6:35 BST

David Noble, Bluewater’s Head of PR and Communications, interviews David Tyler, Artemis Racing Commercial Director at the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.  Bluewater supported the Swedish challenge youth team in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.



David Noble: Hi there, I’m with David Tyler, early in the morning just before the America’s Cup sailings get underway. It’s a great delight being here. We’re really proud and pleased, and honoured actually to have been able to have got involved with Artemis Racing. Tell us something about how you’ve been using the rainwater that you’ve harvested and cleaned using our technologies at Bluewater, David.

David Tyler: Absolutely, yes. So we’re here in our public village in the America’s Cup. We have our Bluewater Oasis here which is a water dispenser for the public who come into the site.  As David mentioned before it actually recycles rainwater that can then be used as drinking water. And this is one machine but we also have a number of machines in our base at Morgan’s Point but also in our bigger hospitality and team sailing area here today.

David Noble: Tell us David we’ve also gone in and helped sponsor you with the Artemis Racing youth team which has been doing incredibly well.  Tell me something about how important is it to actually have a company like Bluewater come along and put their support behind you.

David Tyler: It’s incredibly important for us and for Swedish sailing and for Artemis Racing.  The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup is a pathway to provide a platform for young guys to have the opportunity to eventually to end up as senior America’s Cup sailors. We’ve seen with Team New Zealand, the skipper of the last team who won it, Team New Zealand, is now helming the New Zealand team in the America’s Cup Match.  We have guys from Australia and from the Swedish team actually in the Artemis Racing senior team now.  And it’s a fantastic event and pathway but it wouldn’t really happen without support of companies like Bluewater and giving those guys that opportunity to do it.  So thank you very much for your support.

David Noble: Well, as I said it’s a great honour for us to be here.  Tell me something about the kind of response that you’ve had to the kind of water that you’ve been drinking.  I’ve noticed that you’re holding one of our models there.  Well, not surprisingly seeing as I put it in your hand! Anyway, David, tell me what as been the response as there been to the water. It’s important to stay hydrated as well isn’t it.

David Tyler: Absolutely, we’re here in Bermuda.  It’s incredibly humid and incredibly hot, and it’s very important that people stay hydrated when they’re here in the village.  When the racing has been on, during the big weekend, there’s been a huge queue here at the (Bluewater) Oasis itself.  Also not just here but inside the building – it’s very important for our sailing team to maintain their re-hydration and we use the Bluewater machines both at Morgan’s Point and here for the guys out in the water too.  Yes it’s been a huge success.

David Noble: Thank you very much David it’s been a honour for us to be here. Thanks very much, see you around next year.

David Tyler: Thank you.

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